Ship2Shore System

DreamDesign Session

This 60-90 minute self-guided dream building session will teach you the fundamental concepts behind our unique “goal setting” approach followed by a series of modules designed to help you build, and then launch your “dream” ships.

Bringing Your Ships In

A one year full-access pass to our powerful proprietary Ships2Shore online platform provides you the ability to create, update, review, and celebrate your dreams in a stunningly visual and richly auditory way.


DreamBig Online Community

Passionate Creators

Join our crew of passionate creators and dreamers inside a private, interactive social platform.

Powerful Articles

Enjoy powerful articles and engaging forums designed to inspire you to create the life you have imagined.


To add some additional fun, we have gamified the platform where you can earn virtual “coins” for engaging with each other to use in online auctions.


Seven Knots App

Track Your Progress

Our powerful proprietary app gives you a place to create, store and review your dreams.

Engage the Senses

Create, edit and review your ships (dreams) in a stunningly visual and richly auditory way. Record and celebrate when your ships come to shore.


Dream Teams

Team the Dream

The Dream Team level taps into powerful propellant of accountability. It includes ten facilitated sessions annually with up to six other Dream Chasers.

Level Up

This peer-mentoring experience is designed to help spark your creativity, get needed course correction and feedback and cheer you on as you turn your vision into a reality.

Bring your ships to shore today